Monday, July 5, 2010

Chuck007 Wants To Know Why I Don't Go Out With Others

Fair Question. Perhaps more philosophical than you would want to hear. I have hundreds of supporters who email and message me daily. They see the evidence I am bringing forth. Only the 'Skeptics' like you and Scott Hamilton of the St. Pete Skeptics Society use flaming and pejorative comments. I am going to the police tomorrow to get Hamilton out of my life. That is how far he has taken his attacks.

Example of the support I have:

Sorry about the grief you are getting from these people about your research. This is one reason why I quiet bigfooting totally, about 5 years ago. Same clowns with different names and faces.

I know they want to come out with you and verify things, but I don't trust anyone. Remember what Robert Morgan said in the Bigfoot Observer's Field Manual: You don't owe them anything, because all the work has been done by you. If they want to come out with you, you don't owe them any free ride. It is all your own research, leg work, blood sweat & tears.

Besides, you offer more than these other researchers are presenting.

Keep doing what you are doing"
My response:

Thank you so much for this message. I have been under massive attack by people who claim they only want to find the truth. Then why the attack? If I am some clown/hoaxer than just ignore me and move on to the billions of websites out there.

I have Robert Morgans Book. He is right. What I am doing is mine. I do the work. I own it. I owe them nothing.

I am being stalked by a member of the St. Pete Skeptics society who leaves comments on all my blogs, including tcsjrbigfoot's and only talks about me. He is not being very objective. He is stalking and harrasing me.

I now have his IP address and I am going to the police tomorrow to get him out of my life.

I would like to use your message in my blog. Of course, I will not use your name. You make a great point and I want to share that will all the Motherfuckers who won't leave me alone. Sorry about my French.

Tim Fasano


  1. I'm not Ben Dover, so good luck taking that "IP address" to the police. Please do, because you will be on the record for making false accusations, not to mention threats. Please film yourself explaining to the officers how a couple of posts under my own name are "harassment." It will be comic gold.

    I only posted a comment on this blog today because my news search flagged the page. I posted a couple other comments months ago, but it's become pretty obvious what your deal is, so I'm not really interested in you.

    Just keep in mind you're the one who is making threats and acting irrational.

  2. Geez Tim and I thought you liked me ......Asking about why you haven't researched with anyone in 2 years is Flaming hmmmm ok I thought it was a good question. It sure could make researching a lot less boring on those bug infested days. But what do I know.


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