Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Watching My Step

When the water levels are this high in Florida, snakes come out. Water moccasins will chase after you and are very aggressive. I have never seen one, but am always on the lookout.

There are Somethings I cannot look out for.

Someone has reported my YouTube channel as hosting adult material. YouTube says one more report and they will close me down for good. Trees, water, rivers, butterflies, deer, turkeys, pigs, birds and palm trees are now 'adult.' In fact, many of my videos you must now be logged in on YouTube and you will be warned that my videos contain content not suitable for minors. At least, that is what I have been told.

This is what they are stooping too to close me down because they don't want 'asshats' on the web and cannot debunk my evidence.

I am on a six month suspension by YouTube so I will be loading my next video on December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) when the suspension should be lifted.

Sorry, but it does look like a no holds barred war is in effect. For What? Just because the interest she represents cannot find ANY EVIDENCE so they have to banish those that are trying.

If you notice, I use Daily Motion for video posting as well. Their guidelines are not as tight. Plus, you can load a twenty minute vid and HD loads very well. Forget about any community; there seems to be very little or none.

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