Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tim Stover And The Bigfoot Shark (Honesty)

Bigfoot Buster Blog needs to raise their game (or at least get their facts straight). They cannot live on polemics forever and need to face reality at some time.

They had a recent post in which it was claimed that Tim Stover (the big dog) was somehow 'cutting corners' by going into 'city parks' know, where families are cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. They specificly mentioned WEST BRANCH STATE PARK as being an avenue of Tim's digrestion. Let me point a few things out for you.

1) WEST BRANCH STATE PARK is in Portage County where the Buckeye trail runs thru.

2)BFRO on their sighting database records more sightings in Portage County than any county in OHIO! - and that includes Don Keatings venerated SALT FORK STATE PARK. I don't know what 'thick high population areas' you are refering to, or why that would matter. If you are privy to knowledge of an unclassified animal and its social order and habits you should contact a local university....I can hear the phone ringing...not really. Which means you don't know anymore than anyone else. In fact, you know less. Look at the map above.

In Trumbell County BFRO reported a cave sighting (Trumbell is where Warren and Youngstown are located, and the next County over from Cleveland...Hum...I think there are some people living there right BB? Like Don Keatings Indians.

Bigfoot Buster thinks they are using logic and skeptical reasoning but they are missing facts and simply not doing their homework. Every time Tim Stover...tcsjrbigfoot has been in West Branch State Park he includes that in his title.

I am waiting for you guys to actually come up with a discovery. I would be better off waiting for my dead wife to dig herself out of her grave.

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  1. talk about portage county i would not say that i found prints and a nest only one mile from youngstown,ohio iam doing research here in youngstown and i got pics of the prints and nest prints are huhe llike 17 inches long and 6 or 7 inches wide iam alone doing this in a big area wish i had help at least i dont have too go far bigfoot is like in my backyard


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