Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tim And Tim, YouTube Bigfoot Guys, And Don Keatiing

This is what theThe Bigfootery Enquirer said about Tim Stover and Tim Fasano early in the year...and Don Keating too who he calls "the bully." The reason I took the video I had up about Keating down was that I talked to him and worked the issue out. I still don't think he has ever found much, and my findings are perhaps the most significant in the history of bigfoot. It is only when the egomaniacs let it go, will they realize what I have found.

Here is one of those efforts.
One of the major developments in 2009 was the rise of the youtube bigfooter. For years youtube and bigfooting had been synonymous with “hoax”, the number of really bad attempts were in the dozens. Before going into the 2009 crop of youtube bigfooters, it only seems fair that we mention the MABRC, who were putting out instructional bigfoot videos prior to this new wave of bigfooters on youtube.
2009 saw something completely different happen on youtube. A small cadre of “Bigfoot Researchers” began to post raw video as they humped through their local woods, and a few of these guys were really putting in the effort and hours, even finding some things. There was some pushback from the established, veteran researchers toward these pioneers, after all they were putting content that your fourth level “Bigfoot Researcher” would normally try to sell. The pushback was loosely organized by the “Bully”, who sent out a few inflammatory public messages, carried on a real harangue with his posse and sent same out to the internet shows and sites to stage surrogate attacks upon his behalf. The youtube bigfooters were also spending real field time, making the weekend night social bigfooters who like to call themselves “field researchers” looking a bit silly, and certainly revealing the hypocrisy of their trying to call themselves as active in the field.
So who are some of the guys and gals we think are the rising researchers using this media? Tim from Ohio certainly deserves a mention for the sheer volume of videos and the enormous amount of time he is out searching. His idea is that it is a numbers game, there are the sightings that happen because of chance and then there are those that happen from a sheer crunching of time on task, he is taking the latter path. He has found a few things, heard a few things and has stayed at it despite the long hours, crappy weather and the attacks. Our advise to him, think steelhead spawn.
Then there is another Tim down in the sunshine state of Florida. Like his northern namesake he has put in the time and consistently put videos of his adventures up. One of his latest videos is interesting, although because of cover and distance one is not hit with “wow”, he did film something that was upright and walking, that much you can see and hear from the video. We also find the southern Tim entertaining when he gets fed up enough to rant. Sadly, he took down his video where he ranted after some of the attacks by the Bully and his pack. We have no tips for Tim, other than enjoy the winter temps and please put up that rant video. Here’s some of the video from the encounter we mentioned.

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