Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Squatchinc And Bigfoot Bitch Are Failing

The world of Squatchinc is failing. Their Blogspot blog and blogtalk radio show are crashing down. They have removed most of their videos from YouTube and they are no longer posting. They have no more radio shows. The whole bigfoot community knows they are behind the Bigfoot Buster Blog (with the skinny cunt with lizard tits).

The man behind Squatchinc (who looks like Gollum) said in his last radio show (with all of his 2 listeners before he took that down as well) that he was going to become a contributor to Bigfoog Buster. BINGO. How do you do that unless you know who that person is and what her email is.

Its bad enough that you need testosterone and look like an alien (why do you need 3 tv monitors to do a radio show). I really think I should stop. The ass kicking is to easy. As far as you and Wildman Tim and the 'baby camp' and the hanging a camera 20 feet in the air....stop the show business. Monsterquest is off the air, and apparently so are you.

Squatch inc has never ever found any evidence at all and their videos are like some frat boys put them together. The only use of BB is to get on her knees and start delivering.

tcsjrbigfoot, fasanotampa, firstbilljack are gaining subscibers and blog hits everyday. We are a phenomena and you are not. You are worst than that Squatchinc, you are nobody and that is eating you alive. Everybody knows you are behind this fucked up blog.

Sorry guy.,..I know losing sucks. But in the bigfoot world you come up way short. Same thing for you Wildman Tim Dick Head.

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