Monday, June 28, 2010

Skunk Ape Sighting Investigation In Downtown Tampa Florida

A skunk ape sighting was reported to the website database at on a sighting under the Kennedy Bridge near downtown Tampa Florida late night where the creature was spotted swimming. The person that reported it believes the skunk ape was eating crabs. There are people who do not believe that bigfoot sightings can occur in urban areas. There have been many if you do the research.

Location Details

Location Name: Tampa FloridaLocation Description: I was walking to my truck that was parked in the street after working a late shift. I was parked near the hillsborough river in a culdesac. I smelt a sulpher smell and heard two low grunts. I thought maybe it was an alligator I saw in the water, so I walked to the river wall and looked towards the Kennedy bridge. There it was….a large object slightly larger than a man. It looked like a head just above water. It was moving towards the bridge slowly. It appeared to turn slowly around and look in my direction. Then it appeared to be eating something. I could hear a slight crunching sound. It disappeared into the darkness under the bridge. The next day at work I walked over to where I saw the mysterious sight and noticed several dead horseshow crabs along some rocks near the bridge around the vicinity of the University of Tampa. They appeared to have been eaten too. Could this have been the mysterious Skunk ape?Location Street: Kennedy BridgeLocation City: TampaLocation County: Hillsborough

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