Thursday, June 17, 2010

On The Side Of The Road

We have all had that experience when we are in our cars driving along an isolated SR or old country road when we think we see something in the woods. You know you have, and how your rushed out of your car with camera in hand. That happened to me today while I was out scouting a primitive campsite for my next overnight expedition (in the heat with the bugs). I pulled over to the side of the road...yes, I drive a taxi and make an honest living at it.

I should have been more off the road but did not have much room. I aimed my 'old' camera at the area wherenI thought I had seen something...not sure...not a lot going on.

I should include the zoom video I took of this area. I don't see anything, but that is the nature of this type of research. If you don't put yourself in position to get lucky, you can't get lucky. You can sit home and watch reruns of Monsterquest, but unless bigfoot knocks on your door, you won't find anything.

The area I was in was near the watershed formed by the Little Manatee River. This was a horse trial (as it was marked so). I hiked out a good distance until it started to get dark. I got a little video of that but not anything to jump up and down about. I still believe that these are the areas that the skunkape lives in if he is going to be found.

Twilight is on its way and its time to get home. This is late for me but the time and dedication must be put in if anyone is going to make the great discovery. Yes, there are many primitive camping sites in the area. I just don't know if I can handle the conditions right now.

Check out this video from the side of the road. I had my low-rez camera with me.

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