Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Blog: Bigfoot After Dark

I have a new blog: Bigfoot After Dark. I will use this to expose the tricks and the exploitation that is going on in the bigfoot world. I will take this all the way to the top and expose the BFRO, Loren Coleman, and Rick Noll and many others. REASON: the way I have been attacked when I have found credible evidence and tried to promote others who I thought were doing the same, but to be met with a constant OMG by a former Marine Jaime Avalos (for example) showed me what I am really up against....I listen to one Blogtalk radio show after another and hear guest talk about how they saw a bigfoot years ago, and the host gives them a pass. give me a break. Why not tell Bart Cutino that he is full of shit when he says he saw a 'ben dover' from a Sasquatch. You guys believe that when I go out in field and come up with things at least intriguing (like howls, videos, photos, footprints, tree breaks...real stuff) Considering what is now going on with tcsjrbigfoot and how he is being is now NUCLEAR WAR!

I will win this war and you people will finally take a look at what I am doing. NOBODY IS SAFE.


  1. Hi I just thought I would share my sighting from over here in the UK at Bolam Lake Counrty Park in Northumberland.

    Bolam Lake is an unusual place my friends and I have spent a lot of time there over the last 20 years or so, fishing, camping and walking the dog.
    The night of the 1st sighting was no different than any other night. We packed our fishing gear up and headed back to the car which was parked in the bottom carpark.
    We headed from the green along the wooden walkway toward the West Wood carpark to follow the track round the side of the lake to the bottom carpark.
    As soon as I got onto the wooden track I felt really cold and had the feeling I was being watched. My friend Neil was up ahead of me marching off towards the carpark, and Nathan was as usual wandering casually behind me carrying his gear.
    I had made it half way along the wooden track when I stopped and looked back to see where Nathan was, it was quite a light night with the moon light shining through the trees but I could not see Nathan. I could hear he footsteps on the wooden track then I saw it at the edge of the track standing in the undergrowth a tall figure at standing at least 8 feet tall and very wide at least double my size, with what looked like 2 glowing eyes. At first I thought it was Nathan messing about but then i spotted him coming all on the track to the right of the figure.
    i shouted to Nathan and ran for the car yelling a Neil too as I approached him. Nathan soon caught us up and we ran all the way back to the car.
    Neil and Nathan did not see this figure but Neil did have the feeeling of being watched as he had passed the same patch of the woods.
    We never really talked about it again and I just put it down to my imagination.

    Several years later Neil had an encounter at a different location in the park.
    He was out with his girlfriend in the woods (as you do ;). When she stopped him in mid session saying that someone was watching them in the woods. She also described the same sort of huge dark figure.

    Again on another, I think 2 occasions, Neil and Nathan were fishing and camping out when thier campsite was bombarded with large rocks and thier deadbaits stolen in the middle of the night.

    After doing a bit of research on the subject we went out looking for signs of Bigfoot activity in the area which also covered Harwood Forest and somewhere else up next to Coldstream (cant remember the name of it). We found various teepee formations and trees torn at their bases.


  2. Check out my story about my "find" in the backwoods near Bull Creek and Three Lakes when my buddy took me hunting at


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