Saturday, June 5, 2010

Debunking The Fasano Photo And Professionalism

This blog, and my research, is now taking a very serious tone. The theme of my blog is now to display and debunk my own findings like a true scientist (if I miss something I hope people will point it out to me) long before a theory is advanced.

Last Wednesday's outing was to return to where this photo to the left was taken and get a better perspective with my new Sony camera.

A problem after eight months, is things change in the woods. I could still find the white tree with black splotches for a frame of reference. The image to the left is somewhat compelling and does look like something is moving left to right. Lets investigate.

Now Today's Photo: Considering that the tree to the right were the blobsquatch is 'walking' has a water stain, moss stain, it is possible that is all it was.

When you zoom in on the original, the lower legs and knee seem to be the leaves on the foreground deadfall on the trail.

I believe I may have just gotten the right amount of light and shadow with a DSLR camera instead of the old camera I had.
MY TAKE: An illusion but compelling none the less. Inconclusive at best, perhaps. Just my take at this juncture.

UPDATE: I have taken down all reference to any other research from this blog. This project should always be about me, and I should never lose that focus.

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