Thursday, June 3, 2010

Chops And Sausages With Peppers And Onions

I found this print on the way out to the Fasano photo area. You can tell by the side dew claws that this is a ferral pig. I later found an image of a pig when I looked at my videos on my computer. I had no idea he was there, he seemed to be under the brush and eating grass and roots. I smell a cookout coming on! When the Spanish came to Florida, they brought their pigs with them. They used them as a food source when at sea they are good eating. Many of them got loose and they now have a breeding population of over a million in the Gulf Region...some estimate that many alone in Florida and 3-4 million along the Gulf Of Mexico. The law offers them no protection, they are an invasive animal. Only migratory animals are protected under Florida law. Lets light the fire!
To bad the oil is coming and we may not be able to do that anymore. I am very worried about that and our way of life.

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