Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bigfoot People And BIgfoot

I posted this on my blog Bigfoot After Dark:
"Bigfoot people seem to be very social. they have many conferences, organizations, web forums and so forth. One thing that happens when you have this many people involved in something, is that group dynamics break out. Factions develop that become very protective of their methods and areas. They will often put down other researchers who don't do things the way they think it should be done. What is strange to me is that nobody has found bigfoot with whatever method they are using, how could you denounce others who try in a different way?"
I received a response to this post:
"I don't think it is so much the methods used that are the focus of arbitration as much as the pointless thousands of videos posted by so called researchers, that show absolutely nothing but broken down boats, trees, shrubs, hog prints......etc. These "researchers" flood cyber space and do nothing but waste peoples time. I wish there would be a ruling put that if you are going to post a video, you should have to explain its content. This would keep the monkey suit idiots, the fake sound idiots, and most of all, the ones that are just content getting their own face on the internet instead of any actual or factual findings. As well as the ones charging a dollar or two for a download of a fake video. Sooner or later, people do associate the names with the posting and just stop viewing anything these morons well they should."

Interesting. Is he referrring to me or the so called "researchers' that were on the TV series Monsterquest. I don't seem to recall that the History Channel show produced any new evidence other than fake prints and questionable sounds. They just had a lot more money to work with to make the show look good. Based on his logic, we should not watch Monster Quest or In Search Of...

This guy seems like another armchair guy that never leaves his comfort zone but is upset that others do so the masses can get a front row seat. I stand by what I and others do and make no apology.

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