Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bigfoot And The Gulf Oil Spill

I wonder if the environmental damage done to the coastline and marsh areas will aid cryptozoology. In Florida the skunk ape is reported to live in the Everglades and Great Cypress Preserve and other swamp like areas. As we are seeing on the news birds covered with oil and dead turtles you see evidence that animals may remain in an eco center and not be able to recognize the danger. Would a skunk ape become covered with oil or would he move to higher ground?

Animals seem to have a natural environment that they stay in under almost all circumstances. An animal with reasoning ability may recognize the threat and move on. Does the skunk ape migrate out of Florida in the summer? I wish I could.

It is extremely hot and humid with tropical storms already starting to brew up in the warm cauldron of the Gulf Of Mexico and Western Caribbean. Stay tuned, this is going to get much worse as it gets even hotter during the next few months.

This oil spill situation is very bad and could cause a complete breakdown in mans food chain as well as animals. It is possible that this disaster could cause unclassified animals to reveal themselves. That benefit at a tremendous cost.

This video I shot by the Gulf Of Mexico and the smell is beyond belief. Even though the oil is not here yet, I believe dead sea life is part of the problem, as well as, ships dumping sewage at sea to take advantage of this crisis. "Don't let a good crisis go to waste."

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  1. Hopefully we will never find out. Supposedly the loop current will keep it away. But if the oil reaches SW Fla., it will be a huge ecological disaster. This area is the largest mangrove forest in north America, and one of the largest and most productive estuaries in the world. Much of our seafood and shellfish spend their early lives in this estuary. If the oil reaches this far, it will make Exxon-Valdez pale in comparison, and have major rippling effects with our food supply.


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