Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What Keeps Me Going

Evidence. That is what keeps me going. There is alot of hard work in bigfoot research; that is why I cannot do this everyday. After working all night, I often do not have the energy. So I blog.

This foot print was found with several others in the East track of the Green swamp Wilderness Preserve off of SR 471 north of Colt Creek Sate Park in Polk County. Go thru the entry gate, and take it in about two miles. You will see a mud cut off road and on the bank is where I found several tracks leading away from a hunting area. With a strong zoom, I could see a deer stand way in the distance. What ever this was did not want to be shot. Of course, it could have been a barefooted hunter. Footprints can be very compelling evidence.

I was watching an episode of Monterquest called the "Sierra Sasquatch." In this instalment Dr. Jeff Meldrun examines several footprint cast made by Jaime Avalos. What was odd was that Dr. Meldrun had stated on a blogtalk radio show that Jaime was casting the same three humans no matter where he went. He suggested that the three individuals were going out with Avalos and making the prints, hence, they were human in nature. He seems to have calmed that down on a paying TV gig by saying they could have been juvinile sasquatchs. Very diplomatic.

What I find is real. I go out alone into areas where I never see another human. I can only guess at what is making these prints. All of them are different and that is critical (not my foot or 8-9 other big people as well). I plan to show all of my acquired evidence from the past year on this blog for non-youtube viewers and google searchers who are looking for good, clean evidence of the Florida bigfoot known as skunk ape.

I don't claim that this is a sasquatch, but its not a hunter and very large to be an average man. Just think, these prints were found at sea level in a very hot climate, not at 8,000 feet. It seems they are all over the North American Continent.

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