Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Skunk Ape Files - Florida's Bigfoot

I recommend this website about the Florida Skunk Ape called the Skunk Ape Files. It is the best I have seen yet.

Researcher Emma Carrol has put together an extensive database of sightings exclusively for the Gulf Coast area were the skunk ape lives.

She also has some cool artwork of the Florida Bigfoot himself. The work is copywrited so contact her about terms of use. I am impressed with the amount of work that has gone into this site. She stays on top of things, thats for sure.

I thought I was alone in Florida, but not so. Carrol has complied a listing of most of the significant Skunk Ape researchers active in the Florida. That is a starting point for me to perhaps find a teammate.


  1. It is a very good site and she is a very nice person . I would say email her and see what transpires . :) Carolann

  2. Has anyone from your team seen any of the research from Mark Zaskey and Melanie McCartney? I live in Florida and know for fact, tribes/clans of these creatures exist.


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