Monday, May 3, 2010

Return To The Burial Mound - A Year Later

I found a large mound near a jungle river in Central Florida in April of 2009. I went out to it several times and actually dug up part of it to see if I could find some biological evidence. The was an exciting find for me at the time.

What I found was an old, petrified wooden floor that perhaps had been there for at least a century. I believe it was from early homesteaders that built their camp near the river I was eventually making my way out to.

Today I returned to the spot to see what it looked like after one year. I was hoping there would be some evidence that the skunkape had messed with it somehow, and maybe filled in what I had dug up, since I may have desecrated a burial site. No such luck.

It looked like I had left it. Leaves had filled in the hole I had left. No bigfoot. I did try.

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