Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Oxbow Lake

In an Oxbow lake the bottleneck near the top will (over hundreds of years) close off and form a lake below it. The new lake will have no feed and be stagnant full of algae. Mammals can drink the water and some fish can survive. Florida is full of these lakes as millennium ago the water drained off the Peninsula causing the oxbow effects. These lakes are found in the middle of nowhere and my theory is they may be good areas to search. I was not disappointed.

I spent most of the day hiking in a circle around one the larges ones I found on Google Earth. I tried to ignore most of the sounds I heard, various wildlife. The terrain was very uneven with severe dropoffs at spots. I have never seen this type of elevation in Florida. Near the end, I video taped something that looked across the lake and took off at almost comical speed. No world class sprinter could have moved like that.

I am home and very tired at this point. I will analyze the video Sunday. I have about 12 good vids to show to give you the flavor of what was going one. I hope this is what I think it is. The hamburgers should taste good tonight as I have worked up a large hunger.

On the video I posted just now on YouTube I hope you can see the use of artificial light. The three bulbs of the softbox should show in my eyes. Armed with a power-pack, extension cords and stands, I am ready to get the best image ever. Very tired schlepping that stuff around, however.

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