Friday, May 14, 2010

Insect Repellent With DEET For The Summer Season

Florida has a high water level right now because of all the rain we had this unusual Winter. Normally it would be dry, but the water levels are Summer like. That means lots of mosquitoes and other flying pest like black flies.

While the guys up north at the 22nd Annual Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio are enjoying the campfires and the trails, we are beginning to suffer from the heat and bugs. No problem - the solution is here....sort of.

The repellent spray with DEET should keep them from biting you but it wont keep them from swarming you. That can be very uncomfortable especially when you covered by a cloud of them. They will be buzzing in your ears and going for you eyes. They still land, but die. In some cases, you just stay at home and wait for the conditions to improve.

I hope to get back out in the field soon. I will give this a try

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