Sunday, May 16, 2010

In The Field With A New Direction

In business, as in life, if things are not working out you move in a new direction. That is what I am now doing.

I have a successful YouTube channel under the name of fasanotampa - I am known as Tampa Tim. I have been able to post videos and developed relationships with people I never would have known if not for the Internet. Things are changing, however.

During my "on the job training" I have learned much about wildlife, bird sounds, plants and so forth. Today, I even identified a bullfrog that a year ago I would have thought an alligator or a sasqautch.

I have paid a ruthless price for this novice behavior. The names I have been called and bitterness of people was rather shocking to me. I really believe that people who are pejorative have unresolved issue that they must deal with.

We are all looking for a 'mythical beast' that has never been identified. To try to apply science to something that transcends known reality is a false use of science. The creature may be found on intuitive or spiritual grounds. The fact that it can allude capture (or even a quick snapshot) shows that something may be at work that we know nothing about. That is my opinion. What does anyone really know.

I can post videos with blogger so people who want to follow wont miss much. In fact, with the ability to post images they will have a richer field experience with me. Thanks.
View the video below by pressing play. Blogger videos have no thumbnails for some reason.


  1. Keep doing what you're doing Tim. Mythical Creature or not, I think people like you who have passion for things are rare. You sound like you enjoy what you do and I encourage you to keep having fun and never stop searching :)

  2. Tim,
    You should invest in a thermacell. It is God's gift to outdoorsman when it comes to mosquitoes


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