Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Highlands Area

Florida is a very flat state. The highest point above sea level is 312 feet. Very flat. In the central part of the State is the Highlands area near Lake Wales. Here, you will find drop offs and hills and terrain unlike most of the state. The ground is very soft and sandy and getting up and down the hills poses a safety risk. I used the vines hanging from trees without much success. I stayed up to and used my zoom most of the time.

I was at an old crescent shaped oxbow lake which was all that was left of an ancient river that meandered thru Florida melanin ago. It was very hot and humid and it took hours to make my way around the lake and back to my car. I had some experiences including something that I can't identify. Don't worry, the resolution will not yield what it is.

I thought it might have been a small pickup truck from the speed, but when I made my way to that side, the terrain was impossible for a truck to have been coming thru. Perhaps an adventurous guy on a mountain bike. That is what I am thinking, but the video is compelling just the same. After I saw it I heard a load "call' which the video picked up just as I clicked the shutter off. I immediately turned it back on but no more calls.

See the video below of an early part in my trip. More Tomorrow.

Jungle River Swamp Florida: Search For Skunk Ape
Uploaded by skunkapehunter. - Watch funny animal videos.

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