Monday, May 17, 2010

Has Anyone Seen Bigfoot Or A Butterfly Lately?

Sightings - that seems to be the most compelling reason to think (know) there is something in the woods.

On the BFRO YouTube videos most of the researchers have had a sighting before, often years ago. The experience seems to have been a seminal moment in their lives. These people are educated and accomplished, not the ones you would associate with crackpots.

That seems to be more than enough reason for them to continue pursuing after Bigfoot. Unlike other types of research what makes this task difficult is the remoteness of the area you must explore to get to the habitat of the mythical beast.

One of the reasons that keeps me going is the beauty of nature and the exploration involved - plus what I have experienced. Face it, have you climbed MT. Everest lately? Have you gone with Columbus on his latest voyage? Not me.

People who look for the mythical beast are perhaps the new explores of an unknown frontier. Perhaps that is what the draw is. Humans need to have this challenge. This becomes more about us than bigfoot

One thing they don't want is to get a bunch of grief for it. Just me.

Look at this beauty I found in this place I was in. You don't get this at a chess tournament! The butterfly was shot with a macro lense on a 35 mm DSLR camera. Be very quite, the big guy just might walk up on you.

See the new video below. Blogger videos show up dark click the play button.

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