Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dead Fall In The Rivers

One of the problems with canoeing into the remote parts of Florida's rivers is dead fall of trees. They block your path and can be difficult to get around. You could also tip over in gator infested waters!

Since you are no longer in SWIFMUD or State Park areas, nobody goes back there to remove anything (it is also the highest concentration of alligators). You go at your own risk. If you get in trouble and dial 911, law enforcement may have no real way of getting to you.

So I hike.

By using the power-lines to go directly into deep areas I can find my way to the rivers bank. This is not always easy and often you cannot get close. It all depends on your tolerance to wildlife, bugs, heat and potentially getting to far in to find your way out or having the endurance to do so.

This area was hot and humid and full of bugs. Along the bank I had my eye out for 'gators. Not Tim Tebow but the ones that can do real damage. Most wildlife will run from you, but you never know and they are not all that predictable.

On this excursion I ran out of water and was cramping up badly (dehydration). I have run into that problem before while looking for evidence of the skunk ape. I really wonder how something with that much hair can live in this environment. They say the reason he is smaller than the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot is because of evlolutionary changes for heat adaptation. Longer hair is actually an asset for keeping bugs off of you (eyewitnesses have reported the skunk ape is VERY hariy with long hair around his face).

Click any photo on this blog for a much larger size if you like it.
See the video below of me along the river bank.

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