Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Beauty And Mystery Of Bigfoot Research

When I began my journey into Bigfoot research, I did not know were it would lead me. Into the woods, perhaps. That goes without saying. I really believe I was searching for something. Yes, I was looking for the Florida skunk ape, but I found so much more.

The Beauty And Mystery Of Bigfoot Research
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I have been a city dweller all my life and after thirty years in Florida, I had yet to see little of what it had to offer. Most of my vista views were confined to the interstate highway. I was not prepared for all that I would soon discover.

There is an abundance of nature that I had only seen photographs of before I went into the woods. There were trees and plants and swamps and 'gators and birds and smells and things I was only beginning to find out about.

There was a sense of solace and peace that I needed desperately. The last few years have been tough economically, but when you go out to the remote areas, all of that is left behind. My friends wondered why I wanted to go on my camping trip last March. If you have to ask, you cannot understand.

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