Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Did Bigfoot Go?

The 1960's had a rash of bigfoot finds from footprint cast, eyewitness accounts and the famous Patterson Film. Why in this era of high tech digital cameras and computerized surveillance equipment has the sasquatch evaded capture or at least a decent set of images? Could it be that he was never out there to begin with. In my research I believe I have found compelling evidence such as footprints and audio that cannot be explained. I also took an image I believe to be the Florida Skunk Ape and not a blobsquatch. There may be a simple reason for the lack of a capture. Doug Waller of the Southeastern Ohio Society For Sasquatch Research has this theory as reported by WHIZ of Zanesville Ohio

"These things have a vertical spine like men, and when you go out in the woods and you have trees everywhere and you see a deer, it has a horizontal spine. It sticks out. Well, if a Bigfoot is in the woods, and he hears you coming and doesn't want to be found, all he needs to do is stand in the shadows next to a trees. Chances are, you'll just go right on by, and you won't ever know it's there"
The following is from the James Randi Educational Foundation
It's that simple. They hear you coming, and hide.

And I guess they never die, or get hit by cars, and for some reason, hunters who sit camouflaged in tree stands for hours don't see them (or shoot them). There is a reason that most skeptics doubt the existence of these creatures, and that is the simple lack of evidence. Theories and explanations about why there's no evidence are no substitute.
We discover creatures all the time. Recently, the Javan Rhino was rediscovered, having been thought extinct. This discovery proves two things: 1) Large mammals can "hide" from us, and 2) We can find them. Why did we find this species and not Bigfoot? I doubt the horizontal spine had much to do with it. I suspect it had more to do with a team of scientists using proper methodology to document the creature. Had they used the same methodology to search for Bigfoot, and I'm sure someone has, their results would be negative.
I'm aware of no organization dedicated to finding Java Rhino around the world, but there are hundreds of such organizations allegedly trying to find Bigfoot using much of the same equipment ghost hunters use. And yet... none of them have produced as convincing an image as the one that leads this article. Add to that the fake Bigfoot evidence that pops up from time time and the case gets even thinner.
Does Bigfoot exist? I doubt it. I admit that's it's possible, but I find that possibility to be extremely remote. I find it much more likely that a group of people want to believe, and do everything they can to reinforce that belief.

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