Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Olympic Project

The Olympic Project lead by Derek Randles of Washington State is begining to yield some interesting results. Their stealth campaign of deep field trail cam deployment in one of the most ambitious projects in the history of bigfoot research.

The idea for the Olympic Project was first thought of by Richard Germeau and long time Bigfoot researcher Derek Randles. Richard, a Washington native, has an extensive background in law enforcement and investigation. Derek, a landscape contractor and wilderness guide in Washington State, is currently a field investigator and tracker with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO). Wally Hersom, the main benefactor for the BFRO, provides all the equipment to make this effort possible. Expert woodsmen and big game trackers, Brian Rasmussen and Robert Johnson, round out the Olympic Project team. This five year study will hopefully provide the first clear pictures of Bigfoot along with photographic documentation of many apex predators and ungulates living and moving throughout their natural habitat.

They have deployed 30 deep field digital trail cams that are set at a height of over 4 feet to eliminate triggers by low level four leggeg beast. This project has already began to yield results such as the image above that may indeed show the right front side of a sasquatch that is raising its arm.

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  1. Grazhopprr here. I went over these pics with some other people, and we've come to the conclusion that they are of a squirrel investigating the cam. In the top left of some of the pics, you can see a paw/hand, looking like curled up fingers.


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