Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Strange Encounter At Campfire

After a long night in field where I had heard howling after a plane flew overhead, I had an encounter with something at the campfire. I know it is believed that bigfoot howls. People have heard it and there are recordings of this. I was wondering if the Florida version known as the skunk ape did the same thing. Whatever this was, it followed me back to camp. Watch the video below this one and you be the judge.

Skunk Ape Expediton: Midnight Oasis
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Campfire Encounter While On Bigfoot Expediton
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  1. Tim that Audio speakes for itself mate...jesus they must be bloody close it gave me the creeps to hear it clear...Great Find mate....Take Care.....Tony

  2. Tim,

    I know that a lot of researchers talk about there being more than "one version" of the Sasquatch or Bigfoot because it is spotted in many regions throughout the U.S. and other countries as well.

    I think there's a possibility that this is the same "species" and maybe even the same creature, in many cases. I believe that it follows migration patterns and does not live in one specific location, such as a cave or a dwelling that it returns to on a daily basis.

    This could be one reason that they are so elusive. I mean, the FBI couldn't find Eric Rudolph for almost 7 years and he was living in well known areas of town and eating out of dumpsters. How much more difficult would it be to track down an animal with keen senses and a "human-like" intellect, that is fearful of you anyway?

    If a creature with a relatively high-level of intelligence didn't want to be found, it would have to continuously be on the move. The more people look in Sasquatch hotspots, the more likely the creature is to migrate to another location.

    I'm kind of rambling on now but, what is your opinion on the theory that the Sasquatch is continuously on the move and never staying in one location for too long at once?




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