Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Message From A Sasquatch Researcher

I was discouraged the other day and thinking that this may not be worth it because of the negative comments I have received on YouTube. This bigfoot investigator gave me words of advice that could apply to any endeavour.

"Tim, I've seen this multiple times. Everybody gets tired of all the hate comments at some point and think, "Is it really worth it? Should I just give up?" And the answer I give to all of them, "Yes it's worth it and no, you shouldn't give up." People can act big behind the anonymous mask of the Internet and most of these people would never say that kind of stuff to your face. Those people are cowards who just criticize because they think they're better. They've never even been squatching and believe everything they read, don't do any of the work, but at the end of the day, YOU are the one that's better, YOU are the one that is motivated enough to get up off your ass and find out the truth. Those people are nothing and you shouldn't even give them a second thought. Jackasses like them dont deserver to call themselves squatchers, but all you have to do is ignore them. Theyre the ones that need to get up off their asses and do something. You are doing an excellent job and it would hurt to know that weve lost a great squatcher like yourself"


  1. Tim, don't let my shit comments discourage. One of my comments was meant to complement. I enjoy your core area vids. That area gives me the feeling that something is truly there and prime virgin stuff (beautiful area). I must have been on the rag or something for giving you so much shit and I apologize. I grew up with a rough bunch of guys that would give each other constant hell and I guess I haven't changed much. Keep focused on that core area and don't disclose your location so you never have to question prints or whatever. Anyway, those videos are very entertaining, scenic and the area is promising. I would not go into that core area alone at night. I would bring someone that I trust (not another local researcher). I would also invest in snake boots or you're going to get bitten in those areas. Good luck. Alex BFResearchSE

  2. Tim,

    The invention of the internet is great. Unfortunately, it provides a voice for every half-wit moron out there. Instead of trying to convince the average population, stick to other researchers and investigators. Those are the people that matter most. 99% of the people out there won't believe you unless a Sasquatch slapped them upside the head and even then, they would probably still be skeptical.

    Keep doing what you're doing. You're definitely not alone!

  3. Thanks JP...I need this kind of insperation...any dick can comment on youtube...I just need to keep researching.

  4. Exactly brother. You're out there all alone sometimes, most of the time from what I've seen. You do this because you have a passion for it and it's the same kind of passion that many others share with you man. You know what an incredible journey this can be and your experiences inspire and educate others that are like-minded and share your enthusiasm, like me.

    Keep it up man! And block the idiots that are posting only negative things just to be morons. That way you can keep your site as it should be.



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