Thursday, December 10, 2009

Minnesota Bigfoot Found On Trail Cam

A hunter in upstate Minnesota captured what is believed to be a bigoot. The image is not high quality but you can see for yourself. I'm not so sure about this one folks.
The dark image couldn't be a bear. If it was a person, he'd have to be 7 feet tall, according to measurements done by comparing the image to a nearby tree.

"It didn't look like either of them," Casey Kedrowski said, adding that Bigfoot was the next thing he thought about. "We all kind of had the idea in the back of our minds but we didn't want to go and say 'Bigfoot,' because I've never seen one."

Nevertheless, Casey's father Tim contacted Tom Sherman and Bob Olson, members of the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team. Sherman has said he thinks the Kedrowskis captured a Bigfoot on camera outside the hunting shack north of Remer.


  1. Sorry, I accept the existence of bigfoot as much as any researcher (having had my own encounter back in 1981), but this just plain looks phony. No muscle tone, look at that straight back leg where the costume doesn't adhere to the thigh or calf. Rubber costume glove hands, curly, wooly looking fur instead of hair, I mean no one can seriously look at that and say "Hmm, it might be".

    And oh, notice that the "creature" is walking *away* from the camera. Wouldn't a camera sensor trip when the subject was closer? I call backyard shenanigans.

  2. What is amazing is that the local Minnesota media is covering this story like it was a big deal

  3. For all you inexperienced Bigfoot experts, I would like to say your comments are based on ignorance. You think all bigfoots should look like the Patterson Bigfoot from Bluff Creek California. NOT so! Most sightings here in northern Minnesota, people described them with longer hair(Not fur).We live in a colder climate! Therefore all you Bigfoots experts, you will not see much muscle definition on the Bigfoots here.

  4. if they are out there all evidence points to migration,inteligence,curiosity, stealth,patience, if they migrate north to have young like some have said, then placeing cams in areas with well used game trails would seem logical. as migration would be yearly and learned through repitition. focus on areas where sightings are reported same time every year. swamps are where they most likely feed thats where you find the other large animal in north america the moose. nocturnal forageing would make sense for a large animal afraid of people since we tend to play in the day. most day sightings are of the animal traveling steady in a direction migration.They may use skunk glands to protect young. they may like sour berries. they may build shelters and stick formations. smell may not be there best sense try visual lures and sounds. hide cameras better if you were walking through your house and there was a turtle stuck to the wall would you not notice it? just some ideas keep searchin


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