Friday, December 4, 2009

DNA Evidence Of Bigfoot From Canada Monsterquest Episode

I was watching an old Monsterquest from 2007 the other night on the Monsterquest Marathon. There was an episode titled "Sasquatch Attack." It was about a group of Bigfoot researchers that went to a cabin on a remote lake in northern Canada that had be the location for some strange going ons.
A couple years ago the cabin had been the scene of a rock throwing episode in which campers spent a frightened night as rocks pulverized the roof. Monsterquest personal went on top of the cabin and found many rocks laying on top. Since the cabin is not below a cliff or mountain range, where did the rocks come from?
Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. Estaban Sarmiento went on the six night expedition to gathers and analyze clues. An incident that was downplayed was a trap they had set out which was a bed of nails.
They placed a board with nails sticking out near the back door. In the morning there was blood and tissue samples. To make a long story short, it was analyzed in a laboratory and found to be 99 percent primate. The DNA was close to human but no cigar.
I call that proof.


  1. Sadly, you were taken in by a sham. The DNA was human, and probably contamination by the "researchers." The "difference" the second DNA test found was well within human variation. And the first test, the one by a real expert, found no readable DNA in the sample.

    I call that complete lack of proof, and a lot of wishful thinking.

  2. The circumstances were slightly different in that the Plywood board with nails was laid out at the end of the previous season by the owner of the property to deter bears from entering the cabin.Dr.Meldrum was one of the researchers present during the rock throwing incident,and the discovery of the aged possible Sasquatch "Blood stain evidence" on the board. As stated by the the previous commenter "Scott" There was not enough uncontaminated DNA to be viable.The second test was found to be within the Human variation,and said to have been contaminated by the Galvanization on the nail from which the the sample was taken. Bottom line inconclusive evidence. As much as i wish it were, unfortunately it is not to be.

  3. what they didn't tell you: the cabin is on a lake less than 10 miles, via a road, from a town. Vandalizing a cabin is teenage boys' work until proven otherwise. Have we lost all common sense?

  4. Good points about the DNA. Humans have something like 16,000 base pairs and Neanderthals were roughly 15-30 base pairs different to Homo Sapiens. Neanderthals are closer to modern humans than Bigfoot indicating it would have to be far more than one base pair off.

  5. Why is it that all so called skeptics come across as rude, close minded, and full of misdirecting comments? Was the cabin indeed near a road? As I recall, they flew in by airplane, but I could be wrong. Regardless, just because it could have been hoaxed, doesn't mean it was. As for the DNA, perhaps it was good or perhaps it wasn't. As someone that has been a "bigfoot researcher" for a while, I know all too well of the bias and fear that surrounds this subject and how difficult it is to get a "professional" to admit the truth, for fear of ridicule and people questioning their judgment, even with physical evidence present. I used to frequent "bigfoot forums", but no longer for the same reason... Having to answer to a bunch of mental midgets that can't seem to get off their mom's couch, let alone grab some gear and head into the woods, so conveniently, they only do arm chair quarterbacking and can only say there is nothing to it all. What a bunch of HACKS! If people on forums like this really want to know the truth for themselves... then I suggest you find someone in your area that knows how to find them and with some hard work and dedication and sacrifice, YOU WILL SEE ONE! Until then, how about being a little bit more supportive of those that are making those sacrifices and getting results. Ask yourselves, if the proof does come up will you apologize for your actions or will you just crawl into a corner. I am soo sick of people beating researchers up.


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