Thursday, December 17, 2009

Skunk Ape Footprints Found Along Cow House Creek

I found a series of footprints of a primate along Cow House Creek (a tributary of the Hillsborough River) near Tampa Florida. I found them the day before when I was scouting and had left my media card at home, rendering my camera useless.

I returned the next day and I am thankful the prints where still in good shape when I relocated them.

I have no way of casting prints at this point, however, I did get a good series of still shots like the one here. There were a total of three prints lined up headed for the river bank. I guess they come in at night to drink. The water is rather nasty for my taste, but they must need it to survive.

I posted this video about it on youtube.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Minnesota News Media Covering Bigfoot Sighting

Why is the Minnesota News Media covering such a lame ass story? look at all the good evidence that the YouTube Posters such as tcsjrbigfoot and firstbillyjack have posted and they go ignored. Why? Check out this Minnesota local news story about Bigfoot.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Skunk Ape Habitat

This was one of the best outings I had today into a deep jungle area off of the Dead River complex in Hillsborough County Florida. I saw a tremendous amount of wildlife and evidence of large animal activity. I still need more time to get into this area and do an overnight and set up trailcams.

There was a large abundance of wildlife today. The importance of wildlife and water is that it is necessary for the existence of a large bigfoot. Food is important and eating plants and bark is not out of the question.

The more I do this, I believe that trailcams and secret devices are the way to go. It just does not seem likely that you will just walk up upon a Bigfoot and take his video like Patterson did. He hit the lotto that day. Don't expect it to ever be repeated.

The only thing that us Bigfoot field researchers can do is just go out and put in the work. One day, one of us will get very lucky. That you can count on.

Friday, December 4, 2009

DNA Evidence Of Bigfoot From Canada Monsterquest Episode

I was watching an old Monsterquest from 2007 the other night on the Monsterquest Marathon. There was an episode titled "Sasquatch Attack." It was about a group of Bigfoot researchers that went to a cabin on a remote lake in northern Canada that had be the location for some strange going ons.
A couple years ago the cabin had been the scene of a rock throwing episode in which campers spent a frightened night as rocks pulverized the roof. Monsterquest personal went on top of the cabin and found many rocks laying on top. Since the cabin is not below a cliff or mountain range, where did the rocks come from?
Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. Estaban Sarmiento went on the six night expedition to gathers and analyze clues. An incident that was downplayed was a trap they had set out which was a bed of nails.
They placed a board with nails sticking out near the back door. In the morning there was blood and tissue samples. To make a long story short, it was analyzed in a laboratory and found to be 99 percent primate. The DNA was close to human but no cigar.
I call that proof.
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