Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who Is Tom Biscardi?

On the heals of the success that Billy Willard and the Virginia Sasquatch Research Organization had late October in West Virginia, Tom Biscardi is now going in this week to continue filming a documentary he is producing named after his company-"Searching For Bigfoot."
Wasn't Biscardi involved in the Georgia Bigfoot hoax? I remember seeing him on Fox Cable News. He claimed he got beat out of thousands by two law enforcement guys who had a frozen rug and a Halloween costume in a freezer. Biscardi claimed to have examined it while frozen and was fooled. Hum?

1 comment:

  1. Biscardi is the black eye of the bigfoot researcher world. He's been involved in 2 hoaxes so far including the Georgia fiasco and I believe he was in on that one from the word go. Currently he's involved with a trying to document a bigfoot "toenail". I would take every syllable that emanates out of his mouth with a slab of rock salt.


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