Friday, November 6, 2009

Dave Shealy

Dave Shealy has spent nearly his whole life looking for the Florida Skunk Ape or the Florida Bigfoot, believed by many, to be only a figment of his imagination.

You know him from his appearances on national television; Discovery Channel, Travel, Channel, TLC, Unsolved Mysteries, The Daily Show, The Pulse, Inside Edition, and you have read about his adventures in the Enquirer, The Sun, Miami NewTimes, and Readers Digest.

Dave spends most of his time in the Big Cypress Swamp searching for the Skunk Ape when he's not maintaining the Trail Lakes Campground.

He once tried to form an expidition to find and "bag' the skunk ape. Financing for that fell thru. At least one guy in Florida has the right idea. We are at the point that we need a body in a research lab for total proof.

Dave Shealy owns and runs the Skunk Ape museum and the Trail Lakes Campground in Ochopee, Florida. The Skunk Ape Museum and Research Headquarters is open to the public 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. You can purchase Skunk Ape memorabilia along with blow guns, knives and alligator heads at the Headquarters Store or on line. The Headquarters also features a Reptile & Bird Exhibit of huge gators, constrictors and a variety of exotic birds. Admission is $3 per person

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  1. Has anyone seen anything in sumter county? I am a paramedic and my EMT swares he saw something black human like huge in the road and almost floated off into the woods. He said moved like it was flying. I hate to even ask but he promised me he saw something.


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