Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Myakka "Skunk Ape" Photographs

The letter below was sent to the Sarasota Florida Sheriffs department in 2001. The lady that sent it said that this ape like creature was stealing apples off of her back porch at night. She said she lived near Myakka River State Park and she wondered if someone had lost an orangutan. The letter was signed anonymous.

This event gained much publicity in Florida when it happened. The photos look real and the foliage is that if a palmetto which is only found in Florida. Many people think that it is an orangutan or a new species of Ape. I believe that the episode is a hoax. I will explain this in a subsequent post.

You must admit, this would be a very scary thing to find in your backyard at night. There is a possibility that it is real, but I seriously doubt that. I have lived in Florida all of my life and can spot the real deal.

Stay tuned for a future post that will prove that the Myakka Skunk Ape Sarasota photos were a fraud. I do believe the skunk ape exist. It was just not this one.

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