Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blobsquatch or Sasquatch?

This is an analysis of the Swifmud video I took on October 13, 2009 which many show a Florida Bigfoot. What I was trying to do was use perspective with angles to determine height and possible locomotion of the blobsquatch or sasquatch. I believe that what the images and video show is that the object was walking casually back into the woods.

I will get back out into this area to verify that the object is not there anymore. The weather in Florida is now cooling off and we are getting into what I call "Bigfoot Season."


  1. Tim
    When I first saw this I thought you had caught the same creature from the vid where it was peeking from behind the tree. THen when I examined the still in photoshop I noticed no portion of the alleged creatures body went beyond the plane of the tree. In your own update video, the dark mossy side of tree darkened in photoshop to me looks just like your skunkape. I guess we will never know for sure because like I told you early on Still shots will not ever be taken very seriously anymore their to easy to be faked. You needed 18 seconds of the creature moving. My opionion and I could be totally wrong.

  2. Thanks for putting the image on photoshot. that is why I left a 1 megpix image for anyone to right click and examine. The bottom line is that billions of photos today will still not be proof...trailcam maybe from controled circumstances...we need the "new patterson fil" bad.

  3. I know for a fact that a skunk-ape really does exist.I can assure that.Last night March 12,2010 at around 9:00p.m i had an encounter with what is known as a skunk-ape(bigfoot).I was on my way back home from an auction at arcadia florida.We took a wrong road and went the wrong way,we ended up in a forest where there was a river.Our mobile home(RV) got stuck in the mud and we had to guide our driver to try to get the RV out.As i was outside i can smell a foul odor like a dead skunk,it was really bad and nasty.I didn't know were the smell ws coming from but it was really strong and getting stronger.All of a sudden my friend the driver screamed and said "get back into the car,i see something huge coming this way!",i ran back into the RV and sat there watching,as i sat there watching i can see something really big coming from the water heading towards the woods right in front of the RV.It ran so fast it looked as if it was running on water.I looked at the water and didn't seeno movement,there was no splash.It was about 8 feet tall (bigger than the RV we were in).All i can see was the color of the creature,it was brown,it had long fur,it looked as if it had no neck.It ran by us so fast that it was out of sight in about 30 seconds,it disappeared into the woods.I couldn't believe what my eyes just saw.It was horrifying!!!

    For more details emial me

    My name is: Melida.

    Thank you.


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