Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bigfoot Footprints Found At Flaming George Utah

I'm sorry, but I don't buy this one. These college kids come across something moving in the bushes and it pursued them. This is their claim.
we walked deep into the woods at a recent hotspot of bigfoot sightings at the Flaming Gorge in Utah. We made bigfoot calls and recieved a semi close response. It was a loud scream. We next proceeded to make wood knocks with a large branch against a tree. Much to my absolute shock and horror what sounded like a small tree wacking the hell out of another tree in response to our knock sounded in response. We were semi deep in the woods and the "knock" occured almost 60-80 yards away followed by deep gutteral monkey like grunts. We ran for our lives back to the car, whatever it was was now making its way directly towards us. Once to the car the creature was now still advancing our position and was making deep "whooping" like sounds, grunts, and a bark. I'm convinced it was moments away from crashing through the woods and towards the car.

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