Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bigfoot Footprint Found Again In SWIFMUD Area Florida

In the SWIFMUD area that Ihave been concentrating on for the last two weeks, I have found my second series of Bigfoot Footprints. I call them the Florida Bigfoot because I simply don't know what type of creature could have left them, and who would have had such a bigfoot and been walking around out here barefoot. That would stretch the imagination to believe that.

This one was found when I was visiting the area again and aproaching where I took the "Fasano Photo" of the object that was walking away from me as I arived on October 13. The structure looks interesting but I am not sure if it was before. I don't think so. The weather in Florida for the last couple weeks has been hot with a high preasure system hovering over the State. That means no storms or rain that could have caused such damage.

This area was very simular to the Watershed area that Paul Freeman worked for in Washington State. The Green Swamp SWIFMUD area that I found these prints in has periods of low and high water. The low water will yield prints of the Sasquath that is out there. Freeman exploited that fact, so did I.

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