Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big Guys Look For Bigfoot, Critical Evidence

I'm glad to see that big guys can get out and look for Bigfoot. This is an image of Henry May and Abe Del Rio. I would feel at home with these guys! LOL!

Part of the reason I got into this was the potential for aerobic excercise. Since it is getting cooler in Florida, I expect to put in many hours in the field. Now, I may actually get into a little better shape!

Bigfoot Radio talk is heating up! Bill Munns was an excellent guest on the Tim Stoval and Chuck007 Blogtalk Radio show "Bigfoot Busters" on Tuesday night. Bill Munns was a special effects guy in Hollywood who has worked on many movies and is using his expertness toward the hunt for Bigfoot, especially on the Patterson film which he believes to be authentic. His input was recently used on an episode of MONSTER QUEST on the HISTORY CHANNEL.

Munns has conducted many experiments that have illucidated just how difficult it would have been for Patterson and Bob Gimlin to have hoaxed that 16mm film. On the episode "CRITICAL EVIDENCE" Munns showed how Patterson and Gimlin would have had to have had access to state-of-the-art tech that neither of them had. Munns did an experiment using five different Bigfoot heads to show how it was the face that no hoaxer of that time could have created.

The five part series on MONSTER QUEST called CRITICAL EVIDENCE I believe to be the best series yet to show the reason why Bigfoot exist. I have all five of them here.

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