Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bigfoot along the river rapids

River rapids are rare in Florida. This rapid at Hillsborough River State Park is a grade 2 rapid, on a 1-5 scale. They are beautiful and can only be seen if you get out of your car.
The water is coming out of a watershed area that provides drinking water to a third of Florida's population. That area is loaded with wildlife, vegetation, cover and water. Gee, I wonder were kevin and Tim have placed the trail cams? Just wondering.
It takes a lot of work to get back into these areas, as well as, a major time commitment. It is worth it because I am certain that the Reconyx RC60 game cameras will capture an image of the southern Bigfoot commonly called the Skunkape. I am a believer in technology.
Technology is objective. Human observation is subjective. Together, they can provide perspective on a mystery. It is up to the human to interpret the data. He may get it wrong but he did not make it up.
Technology gives the Bigfoot researchers something tangible to make assumptions from. By doing this, you will not be chasing blobsquatches and asking "did you see that?"
I like the current form of our research. More devices will be introduced to permanent locations, and then, its just a matter of time.

Results of first trail cam deployment

We are starting to put out the results of the Bigfoot trail cameras. This is all part of a long term project called the Seminole Project. The purpose of this is to deploy Reconyx RC60 trial cams in deep locations so they will remain stealth and take photos for months at a time. The cameras are capable of taking 14,000 images of a 4 gig card. They also use thermal imaging technology to shoot great night images of anything that walks in front of them. I really believe this the key to this work.
People can go out of day trips for a few hours at a time or a weekend camping trip looking for Bigfoot. This stealth technology allows extended work time that a human could not possible do. I know there are some downsides to the cameras. Some animals can hear the high frequency sound the cameras put out. But that is only when they are in front of it saying cheese. I passionately believe this trade off is worth it for it may be the best shot we get to see what the illusive Skunkape really looks like.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Kevin is the production

Kevin Kehl is the production head of the Florida Bigfoot Seminole project. He already works in that capacity for a major cable channel.

Kevin is also an experienced outdoors explorer. All of this makes him a natural for this important task. Equipment malfunctions can happen but we want to minimize that in the field.

We had a great exploit Saturday in a Seminole area were legend says the Skunkape roams. We did find a series of prints and positioned trail cam #1 in that spot.

I hope for many more successful outings with Kevin and the gang in the future. There is much work to be done.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Brandon at the Skunk Ape hunt

I met Brandon on Facebook and got a chance to meet him over the weekend in Sarasota.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bobcat or Florida Panther?

Last week in Myakka we came across scratch marks on a boardwalk going over a swamp, toward an observations tower. The tracks were such that the cat jumped five feet up to get on the walk. Then, chased his prey and jumped off the walk further down the walk. It could have been a bobcat but the scratching was large, indicating a panther...perhaps.

The reason we were in the area at night was because a Guy that was with us had a Bigfoot sighting there a few weeks earlier. We did record some wicked howls that night. One of them may have been the animal that left those scratch marks. There are critters in the woods.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Myakka footprint

This is the print that is getting all the buzz. It has toes and is 15" long. Stacey Brown casted it. I want to see how that turned out.

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Florida BFRO failed to debunk Lettuce Lake video

Photo of Matt and Justin taken 2012
The Florida BFRO was unable to debunk a recent Skunk Ape sighting based on the facts of the evidence alone. So, they had no choice but to go after the witness personally to protect their power base. R. Monteith put together a Red Meat rhetoric response that would satisfy the taste of any famished troll. However, the post was full of inaccuracies and wild speculation and assumptions.

This was unethical, for it only involved the reporting of a mythical beast and the privacy of the witness should have been protected regardless of personal feeling. This is a tactic they have often used on enemies and people who may undermine their power base. They believe they are the governing body of all things Bigfoot. They are not.

It is becoming clear that these guys may have pulled something. But why roast them in public? That is only to feed the trolls. I know this first hand. Someone went so far as to run a criminal background investigation on me and post it on the web. I would not have been surprised if someone in your group did that. These kids did not want to be on the Finding Bigfoot TV show. They did not seek money or fame. The only reason people found out about them was because they were hounded. I really thought the BFRO protected the privacy of all witnesses.

R. Monteith has "confirmation bias" except with Kevin and I
R. Montieth, investigator for the BFRO, tried to place Justin Alan in the canoe with Matt without any knowledge of that. A three year old blog post confirmed that they were band members and friends. There is no knowledge that their status has remained so. This was a wild speculation on their part.


There are certain characteristics of hoax videos. Veteran researchers have noted these things for years. Bad acting, bad monkey suit, clumsy movements by the person wearing the suit, and so forth. None of these things were present in this case. That is why many people on the boards and blogs were saying this was "interesting," "intriguing,"

There is nothing in any ones lifestyle that would preclude them from getting the money shot. To dismiss them by slander and accusation without ever addressing the issue of the presented video is wrong. I thought your org was the only scientific org researching Bigfoot. Why this turn to tabloid sensationalism? 

A week before the video was shot photos of large Sasquatch prints were sent to me and ABC Action News in Tampa. They were taken by a women named Marie. They were impressive and the news channel did a story on them.

The BFRO never mentioned that they were found in Lettuce Lake park and by someone not related to these people. I had contact with the lady. It was clear that something had moved downstream from the watershed and had found cover and food in the park area.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The "Bigfoot Blues" campfire jam fest

This is Stevie Strings and Jeff Cook getting down at the Bigfoot expedition this weekend. For you folks that are armchair Bigfoot researchers, you don't know what you are missing. It was fun for all.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Headed for the swamp

I had a chance to work with Dave Lauer and Stacey Brown Jr, and others on a special edition Bigfoot investigation. There were eight guys going. Some I have worked with before. The area was an enchanted old Indian tribal area. So I knew it was going to be a great weekend.

This is the lady that oversees the site. She is pointing out to Stacey where we are to go. The sun was setting and I was stoked. More later.

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