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Tim & George in the Green Swamp camp

Tim Fasano's Deep Skunk Project

  • We deploy Reconyx RC60 covert cameras in romote areas to gather photographic evidence of the Skunk Ape.

BREAKING: Trail cam "A" results summer 2013

Cryptozoology from the Florida Swamps

  • Tim Fasano and a team of pros search the pine forest and swamps for Sasqautch southern style

Sasquatch Sponsers

Sasquatch Evidence: Why Florida?

Flag Counter

Bigfoot Expeditions

  • Camping and Hiking with a purpose! Come have some fun

Reconyx RC60 images

Sasquatch sighting videos

EA-TV Tampa Bay Florida

  • Kevin Thomas Kehl production local paranormal TV show

Keivin playing in his band

Sasquatch is in Florida (Click Image)

Lifetime Bigfoot Visits

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