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Things will get moving again

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Thomas Kehl for a three year period. In fact, we worked exclusively together like we were joined at the hip. The seminar trolls continued to call me hoaxer, even though Kevin would not hoax under any circumstance. Kevin has moved on, gotten married, and formed a group I am proud to be a member of. The Florida group he has formed will find real evidence and you can count on it being real. Nobody can question Kevin's integrity. Unfortunately, our lives have taken different paths and I am less of a researcher because of it. I could really use his help in the Lettuce Lake
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Tim Fasano is Alive!

At the doctors office today my blood pressure measured 123/66. The diastolic was actually a little low! You people who are not emotionally involved (like what is left of my family) have no idea how significate this is.

The hard work of resistance training and metabolic cardio conditioning has brought me from a state of congestive heart failure to a super charged heart!! I am beating this diseases ass and it fells wonderful.

The best part is that I am just reaching the stage where I will be able to turn this up several notches. The best is yet to come. I am now on my way to a different life.

My goal is next month to go on a solo backpacking overnight hike in the Green Swamp of several miles and camp out while looking for Bigfoot. I now know I  have the physical conditioning to do this. You have no idea how great his feels.

I am celebrating life!

Terri and Kevin got married - Bigfoot meets UFO

Kevin and Terri were married today at their beautiful home in Lakeland. They met a few years ago when Kevin went to a MUFON meeting. They are both into paranormal research and it seems to have been a perfect match. The ceremony and day was just perfect. I am happy for both of them. That is Terri's son Jason on the left, and Kevin's daughter Madison on the right.

A two legged animal stepped over this barbed wire fence

How would you step over a barbed wire fence?  Would you turn sideways and raise a leg over so as not to get stuck by the barbs?  It seems something that was out here before I arrived did just that. I have a video of this that I will soon post on my YouTube channel. I don't believe anyone has seen this before. If so, let me know. This area is in a watershed area and nowhere near a public access. The terrain here is open and I believe the Skunk Ape children come to play in away from their habitat.

Trail Cam images over the summer

These are some of the fantastic images we got off of trail cam over a wet summer.

More John Rodriguez Skunk Ape photos surface

On the Monster X radio show last year, I layed out my case as to why there is an ongoing investigation into the actual Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape video (that nobody has debunked) and the real possibility that a cryptid is living in the Hillsborough watershed.

The Florida BFRO believed Matt McKamey (who shot the Skunk Ape video) was John Rodriquez, who photographed the creature in the Hillsborough River. He is not. John is a real person. In fact, he sent me additional photos taken that day on the river.

I have had the images subjected to ELA analysis. NO ANOMALIES WERE DETECTED. There was no use of photoshop

Go to the sight Image Manipulation Error Detection and upload images to see if they have been photoshoped. I did. These images were taken on 12/26/14 at 07:47 AM. This is when he claimed he was on the river. There has been no re-publishing of the images.

Anything added will be very bright like the cowboy below:

My advice to the Florida BFRO,..get to know witnesses first and don't s…

The Monument Wallow video by Nathan Reo Utah Sasquatch

Nathan Reo shot a video that has the most Bigfoot activity then anyone has ever captured. He no longer shows that video. The reason is that tech guys proved he hoaxed it. In the interest in Bigfoot research, I have posted it on my Facebook. People who have posted it on YouTube, Nathan had it removed. He no longer mentions this video, nor does he have it on his channel. Odd. If it has all that BF stuff going on, why would he not have it up?

You can find it at