Thursday, October 30, 2014


In six hours I got the BF world buzzing about this video. There are many clever people who fool many. Demand a higher standard and stop paying attention to them. Just this week we saw what a guy with a tarp and some ice bags could do. If we were hoaxers, we could have milked this for months and got rich. Stop paying attention to Standing, timbergiantbigfoot, Dyer and others and reward real research with your time.

Skunk Ape Captured in Florida

We have the body in the back of the truck
Our team has captured a Bigfoot body in Florida. The arial drone sending back HD video located an off trail anomaly. Enhanced images showed a primate form. It was on a forest road in the Green swamp not used for months because much of it is under water. George and I used the 4x4 to reach it. It was a non human primate dead of natural causes. Kevin hiked out and it took the three of us to load it in the truck. We only had two ice bags and went into town to get more. While George and I were shooting video - it moved its arm from under the tarp into the air (all photographed,) I saw evidence it was breathing again and seemed annoyed. Because of this development, we are going to release the video TODAY at 5:00pm. This is what you have been waiting for. Enjoy. No money will change hands. Sasquatch is not for sale. If you have any questions please contact me. My partners have families and lives and do not seek the spotlight.
Seven and a half feet long and several hundred pounds

Pretty cool image from the drone

We are getting more ice

At five today we will put up the video that will shock the world. You do not have to buy the DVD. You can see it  here when I put up the unlisted YouTube video before it goes live.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Is Walter Shrum beind new Dyer Bigfoot hoax

Walter Shrum contacted me a few weeks ago about being on his next album cover. Walter has been writing Bigfoot songs for years, and has even been on Coast2Coast radio with George Horry. I agreed to do it and returned the self addressed envelope with signatures inside. Considering who was involved in the project, why not.

This was his initial message to me from Facebook.

"iam a song writer putting together a cd of bigfoot songs u might have heard a couple of them any i was wondering if you would give me your autograph for the cover of the cd it will be the stars of the bigfoot not sure title yet heres whos i have right now rick dyer, matt moneymaker, bobo, cliff ,ranae ,dallas and wayne, shawn evidence ,drick randles, jusin smeji , our you interested in this its going to be a tribute to the stars of the bigfoot "
thanks walter shrum

Now that his property was used to find the Bigfoot, and he is certifying its real, was the signature campaign an attempt to embarrass the top of the Bigfoot world?

If so, he is the only one with egg on his face.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dyer and team have photo of Bigfoot hanging upside down

What Robert Lindsey said:

Robert Lindsay
I saw a creature laying on the ground and then 45 minutes later tied upside down between two trees... That creature was totally covered in brown or redish brown hair... Only his feet, hands and face were partially not covered in hair... The hands were large and blackish and so were the feet... But his humanoid face was bluish looking... Both Rick and I spoke about how blue his face was... Mr Dyer allowed me to see this by iPhone FaceTime ...

Very broad shoulders ...

Earlier Rick mentioned 5' 10'' & 350 to 400 lb , guesstimation , I'd say he's a Shorty Sasquatch .

Rick said anyone could come and see it. I'm in Maryland so Id love to see it:) Rex A. Dutton Walter Shrum drove for hours at Mr Dyer's invitation and saw the body with his wife... So proud for Walter... "Searching For Bigfoot" is a great song!

And the nose is wide at the nostrils and yet skinny on the bridge...weirdest thing is the facial skin not covered in hair is blue... But the eyes are huge and alien looking... Does not look human and does not look like an ape... Oh, and the back of the hand is not hairy, but leathery, almost looks like an armored glove...??? Just thought you guys would be interested They started taking precautions ... Against parasites and diseases... As you saw... And it smelled bad... Think that about sums up about all I know that I am allowed to share... Official confirmation tomorrow... Then wow!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Rick Dyer has four key witnesses to the Bigfoot body

I spoke with Rick Dyer today on the phone. He has four key witnesses to the Pennsylvania Bigfoot mentioned in the video that are prominent in Sasquatch research. If this thing blows up, talk to the people who claim they saw it. I have no first hand knowledge. Rick is a friend but he is what he is.

Rick Dyer has found a Bigfoot in Pennsylvania

Rick Dyer and his team have the body of a Bigfoot. It was found in Pennsylvania under circumstances I will learn about today. I will be speaking with Rick on the phone to learn details. These photos show a lot of ice and surgery mask.

It must have smelled.

The cleaned out the machine at Wall Mart.

Another look at the tarp with Bigfoot in it.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mr May you are biased

Henry May runs a blog that I found the day I started doing Bigfoot on March 5, 2009. The next day, he posted my YouTube video on his blog. Since then, he has never mentioned me. Strange. I have produced more real evidence then anyone. Video, footprints, and more. He obviously, like Loren Coleman, decided for political reasons they would not carry me. That means they lack objectivity and are biased. I am the most prolific Bigfoot researcher and you pretend I don't exist. That is wrong Mr. May. You need to account for this after all these years. You know me. I will not let this go.

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The Tampa Bay Bugs suck

Check out @TimFasano's Tweet:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The EA taping of the Bigfoot show in December 2011

Kevin, Ken, and George hard at work in the Enigmatic Anomalies studio Tampa. They are getting ready to interview the worlds best Bigfoot hunter, Tim Fasano. This was the first time I had ever worked with these guys. In fact, the was the first time I had ever met them and I had no idea it would lead into a long term association. Its funny how these things work out.



Ken and Kevin setting up the shoot

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Florida Skunk Ape is real

There are all kinds of strange things in florida. It is full of lush tropical vegetation and swamp waters. Animals are here that don't belong here. Its not just Honey Island that may have a Bigfoot type creature walking around.
The photo shown here was taken by Dave Shealy of south Florida. He was in the Everglades one day with a video camera he borrowed from a friend.
He had been observing this area for weeks from a tree stand. This happened to be the same area he had a sighting when he was a kid. Well,  this upright hairy thing walked right in front of him and he shot this video.
Many believe this video was hoaxed. No matter what. Shealy will be the star of an upcoming reality show about Bigfoot on the travel channel. Way to go David.

The Seminole Skunk Ape location project

This short video will give you the general idea of the Seminole Project and what we are attempting to accomplish. We take the responsibility seriously that the Olympic Project has bestowed upon us by lending us the cameras and we are doing our best to make this a success. We have put in a tremendous amount of work to secure the perfect areas for a possible finding. Let me explain.

The areas we have found were test run first after scouting the areas for evidence of natural resources. Water, vegetation, cover and seclusion were high on the list. If we could go for hours without ever seeing another human being then we knew we were in the right areas. Test runs of the Reconyx RC60 stealth cams proved the areas were teaming with wildlife. We then set a permanent deployment for a November media card and battery change out.

All is set and now the areas are full of swamp water and bugs. We could not realistically get back there which is good. Nobody else could get back there as well. With the change of season in November, all should be well.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Trail cam images Summer 2014

What the area looked like in daylight

The cable lock

A very large pig at night

He is big

Compare the palmetto position to the one below

It has moved
This trail cam was in place for the entire summer and early Fall. It took some interesting night images and some great wildlife. I really don't see Bigfoot on any of the images but they are still intersting. A large pig and a wild turkey are the star of the show.

There was a sequence when you could see something moving behind the palmettos at about the six feet mark. It is impossible to tell what is creating the movement. It was high off the ground.

That's the way this business goes. You just have to put in the work and hope at some point you get lucky.


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