Thursday, May 26, 2016

Was this a Florida Panther?

Last week in Myakka we came across scratch marks on a boardwalk going over a swamp, toward an observations tower. The tracks were such that the cat jumped five feet up to get on the walk. Then, chased his prey and jumped off the walk further down the walk. It could have been a bobcat but the scratching was large, indicating a panther...perhaps.

The reason we were in the area at night was because a Guy that was with us had a Bigfoot sighting there a few weeks earlier. We did record some wicked howls that night. One of them may have been the animal that left those scratch marks. There are critters in the woods.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Lettuce Lake and a real Skunk Ape

This is why I believe the Skunk Ape video taken near Lettuce Lake last year was real. All of these images where taken in the swamps around Lettuce Lake Park. The only thing you need to ask yourself is would you go out here in a monkey suit? That is the only question. I think I know the answer. The Skunk Ape has adapted to this environment. You have not.
They blend into the environment

Would you see him in time?

A fast striker

He could kill you..and eat you

Dead in the water

This little guy is fast and deadly

This beauty covers up much danger...STAY ON THE BOARDWALK

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Matt Moneymaker caims Tyler Bounds hit a Bigfoot in a rental SUV

An incredible claim to say the least
This is an extraordinary claim that Tyler Bounds not only was within a few feet of a giant Sasquatch but that he hit it with a car. What are the odds that a member of a production crew of a show called "Finding Bigfoot" would hit a Bigfoot in a car. This incident happened on a back road in Virginia at night. What is more likely is that he damaged the car and claimed it was a Bigfoot. I wonder what the rental agency thought of his claim.

Matt Moneymaker supports Bounds claim. That's what gets me with these people, they are given a pass by the dumbass Bigfoot community. Where is his proof? If I damaged one of my companies vehicles and told them it was Bigfoot, they would have me drug tested.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Tyler Bounds is full of shit

The cheif production assistant for FINDONG BIGFOOT Tyler Bounds responded to my desire for more YouTube footers by saying we don't need "dorks" in the woods. He said he gets personal joy and does not need validation from anyone because he just loves the woods. BS He gets paid! He also planted the prints in the Georgia episode (Cryptomundo raised a skeptical eyebrow) and claimed in Virginia his van at night hit a Bigfoot causing damage. (You can Google all of this. It was in many newspapers). He was alone and no blood or hair found (how convenient). He had a vested interest in hyping the show when it was new. He did not mention that I have found more evidence for Bigfoot then he, or anyone he works for has. What is not wanted is his hoaxing ways. Look at this photo...I see a dork!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

George explores possible gator hole in Chassahowitzka WMA

Something made this hole
During swamp season this must be a gator hole. The land is dry now but in a few months the entire area will be covered in swamp. The TV show Finding Bigfoot once said there was a connection between gator holes and Bigfoot. That's good enough for me. The peak of rainy season is when we will be back.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My video featured on Bigfoot Evidence Blog

I'm not bragging but it is nice to get recognized for hard work. I hear Shawn has nothing to do with this Blog anymore. It did drop off but now seems to be gaining steam.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Bigfoot and Science

Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Tim Fasano both speakers at the Skunk Ape Conference
Systems of knowledge are creations of the human mind (in metaphysics, constraints, perhaps). Millenniums of philosophy, logic and science have paved a way for man to rise to heights unimaginable centuries ago. Branches of science, such as, zoology, botany, anthropology and so forth are constantly making discoveries and increasing our body of knowledge as humans. They follow a subset of rules that guide their research into a rational outcome of their theories. Unfortunately, in 2016, epistemology, metaphysics and crypto-field research are now blending into a pseudo science or ad hoc science, that has become more entertainment then serious in content. We are losing our scientific grounding.
Man has formed what is called the scientific method. In its most simple form:
  1. Ask and define the question.
  2. Gather information and resources through observation.
  3. Form a hypothesis.
  4. Perform one or more experiments and collect and sort data.
  5. Analyze the data.
  6. Interpret the data and make conclusions that point to a hypothesis.
7. Formulate a "final" or "finished" hypothesis

Lets follow this method with the classic case of Santa Clause and his rain deer:
1) If we wanted to know "Can rain deer fly?" we would write down all the reasons we think they can.
2) We would gather all the information we could by going out to where the rain deer were at and seeing if they could fly. Even though we don't see any fly, we could still base our research on the myth and folklore that surrounds Santa and his gang.
3) Our hypothesis would now be "Rain Deer do indeed Fly."
4) Our experiment would be to gather 12 rain deer and throw them off of a very tall building.
5) We now have 12 dead rain deer.
6) Even though all 12 crashed to the ground and died, we could still conclude that "on this particular occasion these rain deer chose not to fly." - (this totally ignores a basic law of logic about not arguing from the general to the specific.)
7) We now conclude that the world is populated by thousands of flying rain deer, and wonder why we and our followers are the only ones that believe it.
Does any of this sound familiar? The example above is called ad-hoc science and that is a mistake some well intended people do when they are trying to prove something that is more of a belief, or myth, then a fact. They put the conclusion up front as if it were the hypothesis. It is not. It cannot be supported.
This method is what's at the heart of ALL conspiracy theories. They believe what they believe, and will only look for facts that support their conclusion that they presented up front (JFK assassination, Locke Ness Monster, UFO's, Global Warming, Obama is a Communist...and so forth)
This sadly, is what Bigfoot people are doing. They are not alone.
One of the greatest examples of poor methodology is the scientist Percival Lowell in the nineteenth century and his belief in the canals on Mars. Dr. Lowell had mapped out the surface of Mars that showed large metropolitan areas and how they were connected by an intricate array of canals, obviously for drinking water and sewage. He went so far as to submit scientific papers to renowned journals to prove his theory. Some scientist were skeptical, others thought he was on to something. A few decades later better optics on telescopes showed that this was all an illusion. There were no canals. How can that be? He saw them.
What Dr. Lowell saw is what we would call 'blobsquatches.' Simply a way that his mind was matrixing the blurry images he saw on his telescope.
A period of time after getting into bigfoot research, many fall into the 'metaphysics' trap. This is not to different then UFO guys that start dwelling on abductions, implants, UFO's in the Bible and this kind of stuff. Bigfoot guys start focusing on structures, writing books about sasquatch social structures, gong to conventions and talking on radio about things that are way away from being proven.
The researcher soon learns of how difficult field work is. The time, expense and dedication is just to much for most people to maintain consistently. That is why it is easier to go on radio and talk about what your imagination has now convinced your mind that you saw sasquatch six years ago walking across a trail.
There is so much of that kind of stuff going on, I wonder does anybody ever carry a digital camera with them?
Today, big money can be made off of something that cannot be presented to a University as a serious research paper. The method would be all backward. That is why the entertainment aspect of it is what is making money.
Look at shows like Monster quest and the major 'Bigfoot' blogs to see who is behind them. Are they scientist? If they are, challenge them on their motives. Where is the University paper that should be in the hands of a anthropology department? It does not exist. There is a reason for that. They are afraid of what could become of knowing something simply is not real.
That is why no serious effort is being made anymore by the community to find bigfoot. Ultimately you would have to conclude at some point that he does not exist. That is what a real scientist would do.
He would not continue to research something that cannot fit into a scientific methodology. How would he even approach the effort? He would conclude it does not exist.
That would indeed kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
There are people like myself, tcsjrbigfoot, Derek Randles and firstbillyjack are at the forefront. We have no real backing other You-Tube commenter's. None of the 'big guys' will support us even with the amount of intriguing evidence that has been accumulated.
I have found a number of tracks, taken a fantastic photo of the skunk ape and recorded the howl of something that cannot be identified as a known animal. I am on my own, but am moving in.
To put together a real expedition would be costly and who wants to upset the apple cart anyway. The myth is real - Just leave it at that.
Now the weather sucks, and I am at home waiting for better conditions. Not much I can do about any of this stuff now.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

George and Tim in a WMA

We are looking for prints on the trail
George and I spent most of Saturday in a hunting area and found many interesting things. One of the things that I have put up on YouTube is a possible image of Bigfoot. There was something looking from behind a tree that caught my eye. I opened the door of the car and yelled for George to stop. I aimed the camera right at the spot and believe I caught something on video. See the video below.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Skunk Ape video from Lettuce Lake Park Tampa

I live in Tampa and have been to this park many times. It is full of wildlife and is a favorite with photographers. I have never thought of it in terms of Bigfoot because it is in NE Tampa, but on the outskirts.

Apparently, the Skunk Ape lives here. A video shows the Bigfoot has a tail!!

A video has surfaced from the same person that sent me the photos of the footprints taken at the canoe launch at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa. I will email him back and see if he has any other video or photos he can share.

A great vantage point from there
You can see it overlooks the swamp on the Hillsborough River
You will see there is an observation tower at Lettuce Lake Park near the swamp area where the Skunk Ape was video taped. I will be there tomorrow to do a full day long investigation. I will be posting photos live time on this blog and the blog, as well.

This is getting exciting because the thing was taken in the open in daylight. I was in there this morning for only an hour but had no idea of this recent development. I will put my scepticism aside and get in there to do a full investigation

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Olympic Project

The Olympic Project lead by Derek Randles of Washington State is begining to yield some interesting results. Their stealth campaign of deep field trail cam deployment in one of the most ambitious projects in the history of bigfoot research.

The idea for the Olympic Project was first thought of by Richard Germeau and long time Bigfoot researcher Derek Randles. Richard, a Washington native, has an extensive background in law enforcement and investigation. Derek, a landscape contractor and wilderness guide in Washington State, is currently a field investigator and tracker with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO). Wally Hersom, the main benefactor for the BFRO, provides all the equipment to make this effort possible. Expert woodsmen and big game trackers, Brian Rasmussen and Robert Johnson, round out the Olympic Project team. This five year study will hopefully provide the first clear pictures of Bigfoot along with photographic documentation of many apex predators and ungulates living and moving throughout their natural habitat.

They have deployed 30 deep field digital trail cams that are set at a height of over 4 feet to eliminate triggers by low level four leggeg beast. This project has already began to yield results such as the image above that may indeed show the right front side of a sasquatch that is raising its arm.