Sunday, February 22, 2015

The "Bigfoot Blues" campfire jam fest

This is Stevie Strings and Jeff Cook getting down at the Bigfoot expedition this weekend. For you folks that are armchair Bigfoot researchers, you don't know what you are missing. It was fun for all.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Headed for a weekend in the swamp

I had a chance to work with Dave Lauer and Stacey Brown Jr, and others on a special edition Bigfoot investigation. There were eight guys going. Some I have worked with before. The area was an enchanted old Indian tribal area. So I knew it was going to be a great weekend.

This is the lady that oversees the site. She is pointing out to Stacey where we are to go. The sun was setting and I was stoked. More later.
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

New gear for hiking

I just got some quality walking sticks. They are adjustable and the perfect device to help navigate the swamps we will be in this weekend. It will be cold with a freeze warning for the Green Swamp but we will be ready. So some real cool stuff coming up.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Shaun Evidence reporting on Lettuce Lake

Must be a slow news day, but Shaun did a little write up about our Lettuce Lake canoe trip. Still more videos to load and they should be up today.

What was cool was when Tom and I got back to the launch area, there were some people there, and one said "Are you the Bigfoot guys?" How cool. He said he watches my videos and was here to investigate the Skunk Ape.
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Lettuce Lake canoe exploration for Skunk Ape

Tom and I left Lettuce Lake and went up the Hillsborough River. We were looking for the Skunk Ape sighting area and I think we found it. I liked having a nonbelievers with me. He is going to want to see it with his own eyes.

It was a beautiful winter day in Florida. When I think of all the snow up north, I realized how good we got it here.I've got some good video coming up.
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Friday, February 13, 2015

BREAKING: Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape was a mother with child

The red dot is in the middle of the babies body as its mother places it down.
The Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape seems to be a mother with child. Watch a zoomed in copy of the video and after the Skunk Ape (Lena) is splashing in the water, it seems to place something down (Lil' Bit) on the ground. The thing on the ground runs off with a tail!! It runs ahead of the mother by about seven feet and makes a splash which is away from the mother and could not have been made by her.

I totally such at making video stills. I did the best I can. Watch the video below by Mike. Near the end of the video, you will see a great sequence of the mother placing the baby down and "Lil Bit" running off ahead of its mother until she can get it to go behind the trees.

In lue of this, the Florida BFRO was premature in its rush to justice on the guys that shot this historic footage.
A tail emerges as the baby runs off ahead of its mother
Watch the video and you will see two different things splashing about

This video near the end shows a sequence that without a doubt is a mother placing a little one on the ground. This shows caring and society among this animals. This video is of historical significance.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More John Rodriquiz Skunk Ape photos surface

A Canon Rebal EOS was used..note the auto focus on the foreground objects
On the Monster X radio show tonight, I will lay out my case as to why there is an ongoing investigation into the actual Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape video (that nobody has debunked) and the real possibility that a cryptid is living in the Hillsborough watershed.

The Florida BFRO believed Matt McKamey (who shot the Skunk Ape video) was John Rodriquez, who photographed the creature in the Hillsborough River. He is not. John is a real person. In fact, he sent me additional photos taken that day on the river.

I have had the images subjected to ELA analysis. NO ANOMALIES WERE DETECTED. There was no use of photoshop
As the boat moved, the creature is now behind a tree and standing more upright

Go to the sight Image Manipulation Error Detection and upload images to see if they have been photoshoped. I did. These images were taken on 12/26/14 at 07:47 AM. This is when he claimed he was on the river. There has been no re-publishing of the images.
An ELV analysis for Photoshop detection
A different test show the Skunk Ape is consistent with everything else in the image. No compression

Anything added will be very bright like the cowboy below:

The girl was added to a plain white background and ELV detected the manipulation
My advice to the Florida BFRO,..get to know witnesses first and don't speak about something you don't know anything about.

Florida BFRO did not debunk Lettuce Lake Skynk Ape video

Photo of Matt and Justin taken 2012
The Florida BFRO was unable to debunk a recent Skunk Ape sighting based on the facts of the evidence alone. So, they had no choice but to go after the witness personally to protect their power base. R. Monteith put together a Red Meat rhetoric response that would satisfy the taste of any famished troll. However, the post was full of inaccuracies and wild speculation and assumptions.

This was unethical, for it only involved the reporting of a mythical beast and the privacy of the witness should have been protected regardless of personal feeling. This is a tactic they have often used on enemies and people who may undermine their power base. They believe they are the governing body of all things Bigfoot. They are not.

It is becoming clear that these guys may have pulled something. But why roast them in public? That is only to feed the trolls. I know this first hand. Someone went so far as to run a criminal background investigation on me and post it on the web. I would not have been surprised if someone in your group did that. These kids did not want to be on the Finding Bigfoot TV show. They did not seek money or fame. The only reason people found out about them was because they were hounded. I really thought the BFRO protected the privacy of all witnesses.

R. Monteith has "confirmation bias" except with Kevin and I
R. Montieth, investigator for the BFRO, tried to place Justin Alan in the canoe with Matt without any knowledge of that. A three year old blog post confirmed that they were band members and friends. There is no knowledge that their status has remained so. This was a wild speculation on their part.


There are certain characteristics of hoax videos. Veteran researchers have noted these things for years. Bad acting, bad monkey suit, clumsy movements by the person wearing the suit, and so forth. None of these things were present in this case. That is why many people on the boards and blogs were saying this was "interesting," "intriguing,"

There is nothing in any ones lifestyle that would preclude them from getting the money shot. To dismiss them by slander and accusation without ever addressing the issue of the presented video is wrong. I thought your org was the only scientific org researching Bigfoot. Why this turn to tabloid sensationalism? 

A week before the video was shot photos of large Sasquatch prints were sent to me and ABC Action News in Tampa. They were taken by a women named Marie. They were impressive and the news channel did a story on them.

The BFRO never mentioned that they were found in Lettuce Lake park and by someone not related to these people. I had contact with the lady. It was clear that something had moved downstream from the watershed and had found cover and food in the park area.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Florida BFRO has. not debunked Skunk Ape videos from Lettuce Lake

The skunk ape does go into the water in search of food
I read what Ms. Monteith said about the individuals involved in filming the Skunk Ape Video. It was full of pejoratives and personal attacks on the character of the individuals. She even accused them of pulling another hoax without real evidence. It was all supposition. This is wrong for it does not address the issue and the content of the video. I am very familiar with this tactic.

Ever since I got involved with Bigfoot, I have been under personal attack. They don't go after my videos for their content. They want to attack me as a person. They have gone so far as to pay money to run NCIC criminal background investigations on me, and contacted my ex-wife. What is wrong with these people? What does any of this have to do with the images I capture on video? The Florida BFRO would not even let me go to the Town Hall meeting they had in Sarasota. I guess they thought I would upstage them and everyone there would want to go out in the field with me.


A clue about this video is that when it was downloaded on Matt's computer, it was named "Bear in the Park." He even stated they asked a park ranger if there were bears in the park. At least this part is consistent. The Florida BFRO did not tell you that.

The original file can be seen below. It is called Bear in the Park

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The man that video taped the Skunk Ape at Lettuce Lake Park

The new Roger Patterson
This is the message I sent Matthew informing him of what he has done.
My name is Tim Fasano and I live in Tampa. I happen to be a Skunk Ape researcher well known to the world. Let me get to the point.
You took a video that may show an unknown form of primate unclassified by science. If so, it is the most important film taken in human history. It is very important for the advance of science that  you contact me.
It does not seem you seek fame or fortune. That is good. Science is what matters. I would like to meet with you to ask you a few questions. Your privacy will be protected.
Tim Fasano

Thanks to Daniel Perez of the Bigfoot Times

Daniel Perez is the only Bigfoot researcher in the country that has contacted me because of the Skunk Ape video that as shot near Lettuce Lake Park. We have been trying to find the witness. I have been doing field research trying to find the spot where the cell phone video was shot. I always knew this would happen. The person that would get the money shot would be a hiker who just walked up on one. In this case, a guy in a canoe. The investigation continues.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The reason the Lettuce Lake Skunk Ape is real

All of these images where taken in the swamps around Lettuce Lake Park. The only thing you need to ask yourself is would you go out here in a monkey suit? That is the only question. I think I know the answer. The Skunk Ape has adapted to this environment. You have not.
They blend into the environment

Would you see him in time?

A fast striker

He could kill you..and eat you

Dead in the water

This little guy is fast and deadly

This beauty covers up much danger...STAY ON THE BOARDWALK