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Polk County Bigfoot hunt

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Tim Stover back in action

Tim Stover slowed down a lot the last couple of years. Things must be lining up for him to get back to full time Sasquatch hunting for I am seeing more videos from him. I am very glad about this on a personal level. Tim began Bigfoot hunting about six month before I did. This is why he is the original YouTube Bigfoot guy.

Unfortunately, YouTube has been taken over by hoaxers. In my opinion, the top 5 sites on YouTube are straight out hoaxers. Some are more subtle than others but they are all fakes. It was not that way when I started almost a decade ago. Tim brings back a lot of good memories for me.

Sunset on a Bigfoot expedition

George and I had an opportunity to go on an overnight at a primitive camp in the swamp. The weather could not have been better. November is the time of year to do this. I had a few objectives in mind. I wanted to get into a protected swamp area that is closed to hunting. I also wanted to try out my new Canon Night Vison function on my camera. Plus, just wanted a nice camping trip.

The maintenance of the camp is something I could do without.

Mark Zaskey and his hundreds of Bigfoot

Mark Zaskey makes extraordinary claims about dens of Bigfoot in Florida. Watch video

I am new to Mark Zaskey but the videos I have seen are full of him talking nonstop and zooming in on light and shadow in the bushes and telling us that its Bigfoot. I was waiting for his video to get moving, like heading into the woods. But all he does is just talk about what they found. I would like to see the live shots. Maybe they exist and I've just not found them yet.

Forget about his over use of ads on his videos; forget about his disabling all ratings and comments; forget about disabling of embedding; he needs to back up this claim about area 4E (???). If he can't, he is a joke. I really won't say he's a hoaxer because I'm not really sure just what he's hoaxing. Perhaps its just like Mountain Monsters and he is just doing what the TV shows are doing.

That means we have moved into a new ethical era where all about ratings and hits. Just like the Clintons ethics....its a…

Robert Dodson and his Bigfoot in the bushes nonsense

This guy seems to see Bigfoot wherever he goes. He shows still photos of foliage and points to shadows and says they are Bigfoots. It gets even better. He actually knows how tall they are and by what rate they are growing each month. This is because he interacts with them and knows them on a personal level. I raise a critical eyebrow on this and would rather believe this is all a product of an overactive imagination trying to get subscribers on his site. Don't believe one word of it.

Notice these guys only show photos when all they do is run video. Makes you wonder.

I do believe Dodson on the fact that he went to a Bigfoot conference and heard nothing but Bullshit. That is what you get at Bigfoot conferences. Did he not know that?


Halloween is the perfect time of year to kick start the Skunk Ape season in Florida. It is the beginning of the cool weather and it's migratory season for the cryptids. Our best evidence has consistently been found in the Fall and Spring migratory range. Go to and for more info. Kevin Thomas Kehl produced and edited the TV version of this. He did a great job and check out his sites.

Time Lapse in a Bigfoot area

This is a time lapse along the power line corridor. The theory is Bigfoots use it for crossing since they use the things that man has made.