Monday, July 21, 2014

The Green Swamp and wildlife

This is an area in the Green Swamp where Kevin and I have got visuals on most wildlife. This area is always active and during the Bigfoot expedition last week, it was no letdown. Kevin saw four bucks and they did not run. He had video and should post it soon. This area will be our next Deep Skunk trail cam deployment area.

Tim Fasano hiking to Blackwater Creek

Tim in action
Tim Fasano makes it to Blackwater Creek being filmed by Kevin Thomas Kehl. That was a fun day for everyone. This was about the 4 mile mark and I was still keeping up a good pace. That would change on the outside loop back to the cars. I was tired.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Robert Robinson leads us through snake waters

Rob Robinson expert on Florida hiking
Robert Robinson teaches and guides us in a Bigfoot hunt. This is Rob wading barefoot in tall grass and swamp. There are vipers in this water that can kill you! The water is black with no visibility. Bigfooting is not for everyone. Got it. You can even see Kevin Thomas Kehl — with Robert Robinson.
poking for snakes
The water is black and you cannot see. You have to feel  your way around so a viper does not get you!
Rob explains how to survive out in the swamps
I would not want to be with anyone other then Kevin and Rob out here. These guys are the best and they will get you through it.
The only point were we felt we could safely ford this creek

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The bridge to Bigfoot

This bridge leads into a wildlife area. There are no trails and you must bushwack your way. This is were I found this print five years ago. BFRO investigated a sighting near here, as well

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Monday, July 14, 2014

New trail cam images

These are images from trail cam retrival over the weekend. Lots of wildlife out in this track. For a 16 day test run, this area is very promising. It is off the hook with stuff going on out there.

Survivorman Bigfoot

I am home watching Les Stroud and Tod Standing searching for Bigfoot. Stroud would make an awesome footer and it seems they have gone to lengths to make sure Standing does not upstage the star. I like this episode and has more pace then the Finding Bigfoot show. Todd seems like a cool dude.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stacy Brown Jr Bigfoot recreation

Finding Bigfoot recreated the Stacy Brown Jr footage shot in the Florida panhandle with Bobo as the stand in. The thing they filmed that night was giant and was about 8 feet tall. I believe this is proof the Sasquatch is in the south. Stacy's film seems to be authenticated.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Chuck Prahl has passed away

Chuck Prahl has passed away. He will be missed. He was a Bigfoot radio host, blogger, and a good guy. Those familiar with him know he spoke his mind. He certainly did with me. Even still, I had tremendous respect for him. I am so sorry to hear he has died. He had a wonderful family and wife. Remember them in your prayers. Take care Chuck. You will be missed.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A good look at the structure

We determined that the structure we found was man made. Its still kind of cool that in the middle of a swamp, someone built this. Why? Poachers?

Kevin believes it is newer, and not part of something made decades ago. Interesting.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wear orange in the jungle

Tim exploring the swamp jungle of Florida
I don't know if Sasquatch sees in color or black and white. I do know that hunters see in color and I don't want some drunk guy with a gun thinking I am a deer. So, I wear an orange camp. In this case, a vintage Tampa Bay Buccaneer cap. I know I also wear a camo shirt. So, as Obama says, "sue me." Kevin also wears this cap and I could not recommend it enough. In fact, during hunting season (not poaching season) it would be wise to wear an orange vest.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Out of the forest

Our crew heard strange howls coming from within the forest. Their reaction is clear..they heard sometime near that structure. I have no way if knowing what it was. It was far away, and audible. It soon died out and we did not hear it anymore.

Kevin and Robert are no strangers to the woods. Robert is retired army and has been on two reality tv shows because of his cryptid experience. Great guy in great shape.

This downed tree is something people often shoot from a distance and try to pass it off as Bigfoot. Its a blobsquatch.
It does look kind of spooky. Always ask for video.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting closer to the swamp structure

Rob Robinson is retired military and he was being cautious to state what this structure was. I don't think it was Bigfoot related but it was strange.

In the swamp, you don't expect to see this. It may be what is left of something more complicated. A hunter blind from long ago? We were not sure. It was the swamp location that did not add up.
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